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"Fate Saves Colleen From Watery Grave of Titanic"
 Tracking the Irish Women in Steerage to the Lifeboats


(1) Jersey Journal, April 23, 1912, "Battled for Life With Sailor After the Titanic Sank"
(2) The Morning Leader would eventually change its name to the Regina Leader-Post.
(3) Morning Leader, reprinted in the Cork Examiner, April 27, 1912.  The McCoy sisters don't mention Thomas McCormack in their accounts. I suspect this is due to the age difference between them and him. They were in their late twenties and young women and Thomas McCormack was, in their eyes, a mere boy and thereby under their radar.
(4) Note the similarity to the boat filled with men seen by second class passenger Bertha Watt. who was getting into Lifeboat No. 9.

(5) the Connacht Tribune, December, 2002.
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(15) Bolts and cleats. This obviously describes a climb on the outside of the ship and not up a ladder or staircase. This may be a reference to a crew ladder from one deck to another, which doesn't appear on deck diagrams.
(16) Chicago American, April 23, 1912. "Chicago Girl in Last Lifeboat"
(17) Daily Herald, April 15, 1984 " After 72 yrs., Titanic survivor talks to press about fatal night"
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ReplyCathy Vollmann
06:20 PM on February 27, 2012
Hi julia
Could you tell me who nora's parents were? Nora is a distant cousin my ggrandfather and grandfather were her sponsors to come to the usa. When she arrived she was is a hospital for weeks until her brother came and took her back to ireland where she died a few years later. Thats all i know about her but would love to know more about the whole family, can u help
(22) Boston Post, April 20, 1912
(22) Daily Sketch, May 4, 1912, reprint New York Herald
(24) Evening World, April 22, 1912 "Heroic Priests Gave Up Lives To Quiet Crowds"
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(28) Sunday Press, Sept. 21, 1952
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(30) There were five lifeboats that at various times could lay claim to being the "last lifeboat." No. 15 was the last aft starboard boat. No. 12 was the last of the three aft port boats to leave the ship one after another. No. 10 was loaded after those three had gone and was the last boat left in the vicinity when it was lowered. Collapsible C was the very last boat to be successfully lowered from the starboard side of the ship. And Collapsible D was actually the last lifeboat to be lowered from the Titanic.
(31) Limerick Chronicle, May 7, 1912, reprinted The Irish Aboard Titanic, Moloney
(32) Star-News (Wilmington, N.C.) , April 15, 1962 "Quirk of Fate Saves Colleen From Watery Grave of Titanic"
(33) The Shanachie (Connecticut Irish-American Historial Society) Vol. XXIV, No. 1, 2012,

Also  which cites as sources Irish American Weekly, May 18, 1912. New York Times, April 21, 1912. Unidentified newspaper, April 15, 1974, without specifying which quotes come from where.

(34) New York American April 29, p.2  "Women and Children Locked In Steerage of Sinking Titanic."
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(38) Chicago Evening World was reprinted in The Irish Aboard Titanic.  (P.23, first edition.)


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