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Sophie Abraham, Titanic Survivor account

Gazette Times  (Pennsylvania)
April 22, 1912, P. 7
                                                         Woman Back in Greensburg

Greensburg, PA---April 21---One of the titanic`s rescued passengers arrived in Greensburg today---Mrs. Mary Abraham, aged 28, wife of Joseph Abraham, a Syrian, employed by the Kelly & Jones Company`s iron and brass works here.
All the Syrian population here and many Americans crowded about the Pennsylvania railroad station to meet the woman. She had resided here four years. Several months ago she visited her native country. She said she was sleeping when the titanic struck. She fell from her berth. Others went up on deck to see what was the matter. They did not return. After a while, she went up to what was wrong. A man took her by the arm and tried to put her into a lifeboat about to be lowered. Another man pushed her away and tried to get in. The first man fired a revolver. The second man was not wounded, but he began to cry and wave his arms as if mad.
                                                               Falls Into Sea

The first man trid to push the woman into the boat, but she missed it and fell over the side. When she came to the surface after her plunge she was taken into a lifeboat. This boat was crowded. A big wave upset it and all were in the water. Another lifeboat picked Mrs. Abraham up with two or three others that had been in the boat that upset. She looked at the big ship with all the lights lit. Everybody was making a noise. The Titanic went down lower and lower until finally it was all gone and the lights were out.
Greensburg Daily Tribune
Saturday, June 5, 1915  P. 1
                                Woman Assaulted In Her Home During Absence of Husband

                   Survivor of Titanic Disaster Suffers More Misfortune at Hands of Miscreant

Misfortune and trouble seems to follow Mrs. Joseph Abraham, a pretty little Assyrian woman, who resides in the Eighth ward. Mrs. Abraham was a passenger on the ill-afted (sic)ship Titanic that went to the bottom of the ocean about two years ago.  After a heroic escape and a long siege of illness superinduced by the exposure she encountered, she arrived in Greensburg to be with her husband who tenderly nursed her to health.
 A new terror came to her on Wednesday of this week. During the absence of her husband, who is employed at the works of the Kelly and Jones company, she alleges that Sam Abraham, said to be a small storekeeper in Mount Pleasant, appeared at her home and made an assault upon her. She opposed the man's advances as well as she could, but claims that she was cruelly treated. When the husband returned from work she told of the circumstances and Mr. Abraham hastened to the office of Squire James B. Small, and made information against Abraham, charging him with the crime.
On Friday afternoon, Detectrive Dan Dunmire arested the accused man. He succeeded in securing a bail bond to the extend of $500. He will be given a hearing  before Squire Small on Tuesday.
I couldn't find any follow-up stories on the 1915 assault.

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